Evaporative Cooling vs Split System- which is best for your home?

Do you love your Split System like a bonus child? Or perhaps you’re all about the fresh air from an Evaporative Cooler?

If you’re in either of these camps, you’re likely there for good reason – if you’re not so sure which suits your lifestyle & home better, then this post is for you.

Evaporative Cooling vs Split System

There’s quite a few differences, but one of the most significant is that Evaporative Coolers will only cool, whereas Split System units will provide both heating and cooling.

Evaporative Coolers work by way of bringing warm air over a series of soaked pads, which effectively cools the air down. They are particularly effective in drier climates, and provide constantly changing, fresh air. They are also simpler to service, and more environmentally friendly.

Evaporative Coolers require a door or window open in order to remove the warm air, and to avoid a build up of moisture.

In terms of budget, Evaporative Coolers are much lower in initial setup cost, and the running cost is almost equivalent to running a simple light bulb. The overall purchase and install cost is roughly half of the cost of a Split System.

Evaporative Cooling

Split System units cool (or heat) the air inside a space, and continuously recycle it via filters. These systems works in all climates, and are excellent options for those with allergies.

They require all windows and doors to be closed for the best efficiency, but are much more convenient to use in any weather.Split Systems can also be zoned to separate parts of the home, increasing efficiency even more.

Split Systems are relatively expensive to install, with a total purchase & install cost of approximately double the cost of an Evaporative Unit.

Split System

Whichever path you choose, Immerge offers plenty of options to suit your lifestyle – find our Cooling units here.

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5 thoughts on “Evaporative Cooling vs Split System- which is best for your home?

  1. Nice blog!! I really like the images that you have used in the blog to explain the difference between a split system and evaporative cooling system. Keep sharing such good blogs in the future as well!!

  2. I had no idea that evaporative coolers worked by bringing warm air over soaked pads, which effectively cools the air down. My brother had his air conditioner break down last summer and his family has been wanting a new one so that they can stay cool. It may be beneficial for them to hire a company to install an evaporative cooling system.

  3. I have an evaporative cooler. The biggest draw back for us is the noise. The fan drum blowing the air into the room is very loud. We usually can’t wait until the evening when the house is cool enough to turn it off. Annual upkeep is also a nuisance. Replacing pads, making sure there is no rust buildup, and if there is rust, you must clean it off and repaint the metal to prevent more, oiling the bearings and making sure they stay oiled, clearing the water lines of mineral deposits to ensure good flow to the pads. I’m thinking a split system might be less headache. And I don’t have to get on the roof to service it.

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