FRONIUS has been a world class technology leader for over 50 years, with a ‘passion for new technologies, intensive research & revolutionary solutions’.

The brand has a strong emphasis on high quality, innovative products, and insist on building their business and technologies in the most sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Protecting the environment is at the forefront of the business, and Fronius Inverters ensure that the average household is able to source their energy from photovoltaics. This not only contributes to the energy revolution, and an environmentally friendly energy supply – it also means each household can be independent of rising energy prices.

Fronius Inverters offer a range of solutions to suit many and varied requirements. All Inverters enable the customer to manage their own energy, ensuring efficient use throughout the home.

Fronius Inverters are highly functional units, that can keep your PV system producing high yields for decades.

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