Solar Hot Water – The What & Why

If you’re considering Solar Hot Water, this is the post or you!

Solar Hot Water systems work in conjunction with – you guessed it –  the sun, to provide you with consistent hot water, while reducing your energy bills at the same time!

Cold water will cycle through the panel’s elements which have been heated by the sun. This hot water is then transferred back into the large storage tank, where it is kept until needed; the cycle happens continuously so no water remains cold.

During the winter months when the sun is not as powerful, and the days are colder, your booster will work to heat the water to its maximum temperature instead.

Solar Hot Water units can come in a variety of configurations, and a suitable system will be designed to work with your lifestyle, budget & house.

Flat Plate Collector systems are our most common installations, and feature a panel situated on the roof, with your storage tank, booster & pump on the ground. These panels work similarly to solar PV panels, and heat the water via internal elements. These systems have a minimal impact on a roof line.

Closed Couple System 330L Full

Close Coupled systems keep everything contained to a single location on the roof, which removes any obstructions at ground level. These systems also eliminate the need for a pump, as water is pushed from the collectors to the attached storage tank (rather than from the ground).

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated Tubes offer the same split set-up as the more traditional Flat Plate Collector systems, in that a panel of glass tubes are situated on the roof, while the storage tank, booster & pump are on the ground. Water is heated through the highly efficient tubes, and cycled back into the tank, whilst minimising the aesthetic impact to your roof line.

All Solar Hot Water systems are installed in 2 stages for new home builds, but can also be installed retroactively to existing homes. With 40% of the average household’s electricity usage being consumed by heating water, installing a Solar Hot Water system can potentially reduce this by 25%.

Combined with the STC rebates available (approximately $900 in rebates for each Solar Hot Water system), you’ll be saving money right from install!

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