Solar PV – $2000+ Government Rebate Announced

Have you heard the good news?!

If you’re in Victoria, our government is offering a rebate to a maximum of $2,225 on all new Solar PV installations, until June 30th 2019.

This rebate is in addition to all STC claims, and is in effect from August 19th 2018.

That means you can get a brand new, 4kW system for as little as $1,539, which is complete madness!

How does it work?

  • Contact Immerge Group for a quote on a tailor-made Solar PV system today
  • Accept your quote – we will show you the full cost of the system, the cost after STC’s have been claimed, and the indicative cost once the government rebate has been accounted for
  • Have your brand new Tier 1 Solar PV system installed by our CEC accredited installers
  • You will receive your CES, and your system will be connected and tested
  • Claim the government rebate directly – more information to come

It’s that simple, and will save you THOUSANDS instantly!

Head HERE for more eligibility information.

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