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is your wiring decades old? 

your switchboard may be putting you at risk!

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If your property is older, or you notice your lights flickering you may need a Switchboard Upgrade.

Switchboards are incredibly dangerous if they're outdated or faulty, and to put it simply, they can't handle the increased load of our modern electrical needs.


If you notice any of the following, it is definitely time to call Immerge for your upgrade!

- no safety switches 

- appliances frequently tripping / short circuiting  

- lights flickering 

- blown fuses

- overcrowded appearance

- ceramic fuses

People today have larger homes with more lighting, and use a larger number of appliances each day. These appliances generally require more electricity and even when not in use, items like your computer and TV are constantly drawing power. 

Modern switchboards are designed to handle this significant load and more - they are equipped with circuit breakers and safety switches, and will handle your electrical needs with ease.

up to 9 pole replacement


800.00 ex. GST

16+ pole replacement




Immerge attended to install a new Split System AC & found this old federation board with ceramic fuses and limited room.

On further conversation with the customer, our electricians found that lights had been flickering at random.

Given the age of the switchboard and issues occurring, this was an ideal candidate for a switchboard upgrade.

new switchboard organised & space available 

Shortly afterwards, the customer had a brand new switchboard with plenty of room for future additions.

By choosing Immerge you'll get:

fast turnaround times 

​At Immerge, we understand the importance of your time.

That's why we'll always work to ensure you receive the swiftest, quality work possible.


​guaranteed satisfaction

Your satisfaction with our service is of utmost importance to us.

That's why we guarantee our workmanship and ensure your CES is in your hands ASAP.



We know just how difficult sudden home improvement costs can be.

That's why we give our customers fixed rate installation prices, so you know exactly where your money is going. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are your electricians certified?

will i receive a certificate of safety?

is anyone available today?

What will my switchboard upgrade cost?

​Can someone call me for a quote?

​how far do you travel?



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